My Place in this World…


I have been burdened for many years trying to find ‘my space’ in this big world. Newly married, Andrea and I had our first two sons and there I was… Thinking…. I had a good job. We went to church. We were happy… I guess. It just felt like I wasn’t gaining any ground in life. I felt trapped, like I was going through the motions. Up and down… Back and forth… Going to church only seemed to give temporary relief and then it was off to work on Monday. I had this ‘time to make the donuts’ attitude. And didn’t realize that this approach to life I chose was sifting the life right out of me, my family and my dreams. After while, even church began to become a chore. Many times I asked God, “What’s Your will for my life and where does our music fit into your plan?” I pay my tithes, I’m faithful at work. Other people seem to be excelling, but what about me.

When I look back on my situation I realize I fell into what I believe is one of the most highly destructive lifestyles a person could fall into – COMPLACENCY!

The Symptoms:
Feelings of dryness and fatigue, which open the door to a barrage of negativeideas; murmuring, complaining, and negative comparisons.

The Attack:
It is subtle and hard to detect because it usually comes in when times are good, easy going and under control. We think were getting a little R&R but the luring touch of complacency caresses us into a deep self-centered state of, ‘WOW! Look Mom, No Hands!’

The Results:
Before we know it, its sticky, gooey death grip suffocates our passions and dreams. It dries out every bit of creative moisture we need too engage life. The bottom line is that we trade-in the victories we worked so hard for, for a few moments of self-indulgence, bringing into jeopardy our relationships with God, ourselves and others.I allowed this mood of complacency into my life. It began to taint my way of thinking. I began to let my circumstances overshadow my relationship with God. I became more self-serving and my relationships with people also began to suffer.

As God’s creation, we are created for relationships just as God is in relationship with us (Genesis 1:26-28; 2:18). Drea and I call this relational intimacy between God, ourselves and others a Harmonic Connection (Mark 12: 29-31). It is best described when two or more individuals with different purposes and functions have the ability to work well together. The result is achieving a goal that could not have otherwise been accomplished alone. With this relational truth in mind, I began to take the focus off myself and began to celebrate others.

So, how are things now? My faith is taking precedence over the facts of life’s circumstances. I have rejected complacency and have begun to experience God’s overflow in my life.

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