To Be a Blessing…


You look out towards the vast waters in total amazement as you make final preparations. You smile with satisfaction as you look upon your ships battleship grey shine. It is equipped with an over abundance of supplies for you, your family and those you have been assigned to influence. At the bow of the ship is the Light to guide you through the darkness that you have been told awaits you.

You’re dazed for a quick moment as you remember the tests of past seasons that have prepared you for this day. Are you ready? Yes… You are ready! You have prayed, had the pep talk and everything is now in position. Your body is seized with excitement as you’re sent off with blasts of radiant cheers from relatives, friends and fellow laborers that are still on the shore lines waving good-bye. There is nothing in front of you now but open sea and opportunity.

Time passes and many hours have gone by. The shore line has disappeared now and is only a faint memory behind you. Your enthusiasm is still on edge as you anticipate your first encounter. Out of nowhere, the darkness engulfs the ship like a thick blanket. The ship’s bright guiding Light automatically comes on, but you only have sight for 4 to 5 yards in front of you. After several more hours pass, the waiting and silence becomes more desperate. You begin to wonder, “Where are the people whose lives I am supposed to touch? Did I make this all up in my mind? Is this how it is supposed to be?”

Suddenly, not knowing how it happened, you steered directly into a small ship, badly tattered from battle. You look around your craft and find many supplies that could be of help. You are encouraged as you minister to the need. One by one, you notice lights coming into focus all around you. Your excitement and anticipation grows as you gain confidence from assisting those who cross your path.

The other crafts are very diverse. Some are yachts, full of grandeur. Others are much more modest sailboats. While with some of the other watercrafts, have been terribly neglected and look as if they are about to sink. All of them, however, have a need and are calling out to you for help.

Then, out of no where, “Thud!” Your ship comes to a complete halt. You wave your light back and forth to see what has stopped you. You have bumped into a ferry full of wounded people and you notice many more dim lights headed your way, with others surrounding you like hungry sharks.

You grip yourself and take authority over the overwhelming feelings of doubt and fear that are trying to arrest your courage. From the midst of the chaos, a gentle smooth breeze floats over the war torn canvas and whispers to you, “Lo, I am with you always… My grace is sufficient… Look at your brothers and sisters in need… I have created you ‘to be a blessing’…”

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