June 16, 2008


I just wanted you to know that for the next 6 weeks my hubby and I will putting our household through a mini BOOTCAMP! My (personal and collective) goals for these 6 weeks are:

· To begin to loose excess weight and develop healthier nutrition habits that will assist me in becoming the best me. I will follow this plan and, hopefully, come away from it with healthier life style and eating habits that I will continue to incorporate into my daily life. Geno has also established goals for himself regarding his health and fitness.

· To complete counselor curriculum that I have had since Mar 07. It is a Christian curriculum in counseling that I started but never finished. I ultimately desire to complete the degree in Biblical Counseling, as well as, continue on to qualify for my Board Certified Biblical Counselor Credential. Including this curriculum, I need to complete three course studies to receive a diploma and four total for the Advanced Diploma Program.

· To bring order to my home by clearly outlining the expectations for each member of the family. This includes a schedule for the kids and detailing cleaning duties and expectations in each room. The goal is to take some of the emotionalism out of our home by typing out standard procedures for cleaning each room, the schedules, meal plans, etc. so there are FEWER SURPRISES… fewer EXCUSES… and ACCOUNTABILITY for everyone. Our motto: THE SHEET DON’T LIE!!!

· To inventory our finances and better steward the resources God has entrusted to us. We are currently enrolled in a 13 week course with Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University, and are being challenged regarding every area of our finances. Our desire is to ‘Live like no one else today so one day we will be able to live like no one else.’

There are probably other things that will change as a byproduct of our obedience to God in these areas that we have not thought about. Nevertheless, we are excited about the changes that are coming to our home and we believe that as God is transforming us, inside and out, He will also be positioning us to transition us into the next phase of our lives.

I do want to say this though… this is only for SIX WEEKS! It is a very challenging venture for me for several reasons. You know that I am a FREE SPIRIT and I generally resist being confined, controlled, scheduled, told what to do, restricted, etc. Perhaps you can see my real issue better now. I won’t be able to just go with the flow or live in the moment as I am accustomed to doing. But I understand that God desires to bring BALANCE to our entire family so that we are able to be most effective and live out our purpose on this earth.

Please pray for and with me (and us). There have been few times in our marriage that Gene and I have been so united in action for the same purpose. That is one of the reasons that I am sure we will accomplish what we are setting out to do and will not fail as we strive to support one another. We are convinced that God is giving us a window of opportunity to change some things in our lives… to move past old issues… to let some stuff go and deal with some issues so that we can embrace the AWESOME future God has for us.



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