No more ‘WATER WINGS’!

I have been thinking about you a bit and praying for you, too.

Sometimes when I think about the changes that you are trying to make in your life, I envision you on a beach trying to walk out into deeper water. It isn’t that hard at first when the water is only around your feet. But as it gets higher, you have to make more effort and pick up your feet to make progress.

You may notice that the waves that were once insignificant on the shoreline are encumbering now that they are around your waste. They seem to be carrying you backwards with every step you take forward. Excess clothing fills with air and makes your journey even more challenging. Even after you remove them, you are still battling the water… the waves… and fatigue in your mind and your body.

If you know how to swim there is no problem, because you have become comfortable with the element and water is no longer your enemy. But if you are still learning how to ‘think like a fish’, it can be frustrating. Sometimes we are comfortable with the water because we have ‘water wings’ or a life jacket that keep us afloat. That’s fine for people that want to stay close to the edge of the water and play and splash around and get wet. But if you want to go to deeper water… you have to learn how to swim.

The technique itself will work against everything that you know as a land dweller. The principles of gravity will function differently. You have to learn to rely on your senses in a different way. Breathing is not as effortless as it is on land. You have to be more conscious of your ‘breathing’ and staying connected to your Life Source or you will drown.

Just remember that when you started your journey from shore you were headed somewhere. You were answering God’s call to your life. You were doing something different and going to a new place. Listen to the instructions of your Savior. You are being trained to be one that is able to co-exist on land and in the water. God needs you to be familiar with both so that you can make the impact that HE created you to have in this earth.

Keep strengthening yourself. Listen for His voice. He promised that He wouldn’t leave you alone or defenseless. NO MORE ‘WATER WINGS’! Learn how to navigate these waters so they don’t intimidate you anymore. And once you have MASTERED the water (and I believe you will) and completed your assignment, Jesus will teach you how to MASTER the SKIES!

Love you,


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