The Light Is Still On…

I am not sure how much longer I want to leave people a room in the back of my heart anymore. I’m tired if leaving the light on. You know what I mean? Like MOTEL 6 when they had the commercial that said, “We’ll leave the light on for ya!” They wanted you to feel at home.

When you have a room in someone’s heart it’s like your old room that your parents leave the way you left it. They leave your memories on the walls, your trophies on the dressers and your stuff in the closets. Anytime you want to go home, you have the key to get in and you never have to worry about if there’s room for you. It is a bit nostalgic.

When the parent decides that they need more office space and notices that your room is unoccupied 99% of the time, because you rarely come home to visit, changes take place. Your things may be packed in a box or in the garage or they may be sent to you, because room needs to be made for growth and new things.

That is where I am…

It doesn’t mean you can never go home to visit. You are always welcome to visit, but it does mean that instead of hanging out in ‘your room’ you may have to sleep in the guest room or in the den on the couch.

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