Who’s Got the Power?

I don’t like the feeling of powerlessness…

I am lying on a mattress in my basement that is currently being illuminated by candlelight. As I write this, our youngest is laying beside me rubbing my arm. Our third son is on the other side of him watching the flickering lights. Our second son is reading a comic book by flashlight and our oldest is serenading us on his acoustic guitar. Dad just began a prayer and I am wondering… about being without power.

When the lights first went out, Gene and the boys were not home yet and the little guys were afraid. Isn’t that what happens when we feel powerless? We become fearful. We stumbled around in the dark but eventually, found our way to the candles and lighters.
As I lay there listening to my husband pray, I was reminded how powerful we really are. The Spirit of God was very tangible in that moment of vulnerability and defenselessness. It is dark and we are not able to see past the radius of the dancing candle light, still there was evidence of great strength in the room that affirms that we are not victims, but indeed very powerful.

We can choose our state of mind, to a large degree. We can choose to concern ourselves with thoughts that we have no control over our life or we can acknowledge and be grateful that what we perceived as power was never our Power Source in the first place.

When our environment and surroundings betray us and we can not decipher one face from another or find our way around in the dark, we have a Power Source that is not affected by the frailty of temperamental humanity in an unstable world. He gives us His words to shine a light around our footsteps and to light our way. He helps us get our bearings again we do not remain disoriented and discouraged in the dark.

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