While we were waiting for the lights to come on, our neighbors across the street and surrounding us got their power back. I went over to my next door neighbors’ house and said, “When’s it gonna be our turn?’ Hmmm…

Before I left out of the house one of son’s excitedly said, “Ooh, Mom! The lights are on across the street… that means we’re gonna be next!” Twenty-four hours later we still had no lights.

God talked to me a bit about it all and my response to the situation. He showed how similar it was to our personal vision. Sometimes it seems like everybody around us has lights and is moving forward and are GLOWING, while we sit in the shadows of candlelight. Sometimes it doesn’t seem quite fair, but then I wonder if I would feel the same way if it was me with the lights on while my neighbors sat in the dark. Good question, huh?

I believe that there are always two kind of people around us… Those who we admire and attain to be like; and those who admire us and desire to be like us in some aspect of our lives. Isn’t it true?

Even with our very good friends, there is usually some part of their character or lives that we admire. And more than likely they feel the same way about you, too.

You’re more this…
They’re more that…
She has longer hair…
He has a nicer job…
You live in a neighborhood I would like to live in and if I had a man like yours then my life would be great!

So many comparisons… It is natural to see the differences, after all when the Creator colored us different hues and coiled some of our hair tighter than others and gave us different personalities, some with a bigger ‘funny bone’ than others, I believe that He did it so that we would stand out as a unique creation, different from any other. It just sometimes takes effort to process our thoughts productively in a certain situations.

Truthfully, the most natural response is the one that you will see as you watch preschoolers play. When one gets the cool toy, the other quickly grabs for it and says, “I want it!” Very seldom will you see children share or cheer for other kids unless they are prompted (or forced) to do so. A few seem to come out of he womb with a special grace, still many of them will need to be taught. But when they learn how awesome it is to give a ‘YAY!!!’ they are hooked… that is, until they grow and learn to reserve their cheering for football games and parades.

As adults, we have been socialized not to pout or fold our arms (in public) and stomp around when we don’t get our way. In the privacy of our own thoughts and secret corners, however, many of us are still saying, “They aren’t even as smart as I am…” or “I work much harder than he does, he doesn’t deserve that…” or simply “IT’S MY TURN! THAT’S NOT FAIR!”

Often it takes maturity (or a child-like spirit J) for us to see others with their LIGHTS on and say, “They are really shining over there! If something so awesome could happen for them, then I know God will give me the desires of my heart. We must be next!”

Instead of moping around and using all of my energy to complain, I decided to celebrate with those whose lights were on as if they were on in my home. Then I lit my candles and got back to living and preparing for the time when my LIGHTS would come on.

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