Six Weeks times TWO!

Hey… It’s Drea again! I wanted to let you know how we ended our SIX WEEKS…

This past week of storms left us without power for about four days. We were fortunate because our house temperature never rose above the seventies and there was even food that remained frozen in our freezer. HALLE-GLORY! Some candles, a few coolers, some ice, and an impromptu BBQ helped us get through it all with minimal damage. We charged the cell phone and laptop in the car and did whatever other resourceful things we could come up with. It is amazing how dependent we can become on something that, in most instances, is not necessary to maintain life. Water was a much more valued commodity during those few days… gas was next for hot showers. Electricity proved to be more of a luxury and the lack of it more of an inconvenience than necessity.

A week before that, I spent serving as Conference Mom at our Youth Conference with about a thousand teenagers, which I affectionately refer to as ‘The Rough Riders’. I must admit, however, that I have wa-a-ay more fun in the youth services where it is more acceptable to scream, yell, jump and do cartwheels at will, so I had a BLAST!!!

All of the transformation that we have been undergoing is paying off and we have been kept busy tying new things in with the NORMAL aspects of our lives. We have been able to achieve minimal goals from making a decision to live a disciplined lifestyle for 6 weeks. We wondered… How different would our lives be if we continued and began to inventory other areas of our lives? We think we could see AMAZING change in a year’s time and over a lifetime….. WOW!

We share our process with you as a form of accountability. It strengthens our resolve and dedication to our process to know that there are people that know what we are aiming to achieve and will expect change to happen. We believe that many of our goals and dreams are not achieved because we do not allow ourselves to be held accountable to follow through with activities and disciplines that we begin. We consider you all a part of our process and an integral part of our success.

The SIX WEEK SEASONS work well for us because Gene and I have been able to find a balance in our personalities. He gets the discipline of routine that he enjoys and I get a goal-oriented project that I know will have a STARTING and STOPPING point. So we have found a way for us to WORK WELL TOGETHER! WHOO HOO!!!

We have decided to enter another six week cycle that we have dedicated to CONSOLIDATING, CLEARING THE AIR and COMPLETING PROJECTS.
This is where we are and how we are building from here:

DREA Education
Completed first set of counseling courses; Dedicating more time to reading for enrichment and understanding

GENE Education
Dedicating time to reading (GOALS by Brian Tracy) and studying (working on Exodus)

GENE Nutrition/Fitness
Cut down on excessive sweets and breads; lost 16 lbs.; committed to running and strength training

DREA Nutrition/Fitness
Cut down on excessive salty, fatty and sweet foods; lost 15 lbs. and about 20 in. all over; committed to walking and Yahweh Yoga to help maintain physical and mental and emotional balance and well-being

House Maintenance
Still bringing it all together; focusing on CONSOLIDATING and CLEARING THE AIR of unused or unnecessary items in our home

In our 10th week of Financial Peace University and have paid off A LOT of our debt. Following the disciplines and principles, we will be left with only a student loan, our car payment and our mortgage when the course is complete in a few weeks.

Working on a new audio project; working on some writing projects, including some study materials and a book

Friday evening, our newest edition was born into the world! Mother and father were surrounded by a doctor who guided us with his wisdom, a midwife who is an experienced mother and familiar with childbirth, a doula who assisted during labor, and an elder who encased it all in prayer. Together they served as a support and a covering as we travailed through labor, transition and eventually gave birth. The baby is so beautiful and is everything that we hoped it would be, with so much potential to grow healthy and strong. Besides that, the resemblance to us is remarkable! You can get a glimpse of the little beauty at the bottom of the email.

Gene and I love to celebrate with people. We appreciate you allowing us to share our journey with you. Now, we want to hear about what’s going on with YOU! When we hear about the awesome things that God is doing in others, it gives us and extra boost. We know that what God has promised us and what we are believing God for is not only possible, but will happen at the appointed time, as we are faithful to His will for our lives. Your personal victories and testimonies encourage us, so let us hear them!

We love you guys and appreciate all of your continued encouragement. Should God bring us to your hearts or minds, please talk to Him about us and whisper a prayer on our behalf.

Hi-Ho! Hi-Ho! It’s off to work we go!

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