That is what one person (SDC) calls what she is extending towards me. She says it seems like I have been in outer space. I assured her that the spaceship was still in the back yard and I hadn’t left… yet! A special SISTA COUSIN (CHL) of mine said that I had that she knew that I was a BIG TIME AUTHOR and all but I could call some time. And then there are those that say, “I called you and you didn’t answer the phone!” (ALD, NW, RBP, ANH, SAB,…) I’m not being rude, I just don’t have the ringer on, because I know if I do I will never WRITE THIS BOOK!

Let’s see who else can I tell on… can’t think of anybody else so I will move on.


Just took a break to send a short message to say THANK YOU FOR BEING YOU and to ask you for:

Your continued prayers for wisdom as I WRITE MY BOOK!
Your continued support as I WRITE MY BOOK!
Your continued understanding if the ringer is off and I miss your call as I WRITE MY BOOK!

Do you see a reoccurring theme here? What have I been focusing on, besides being grateful that I am surrounded by people like you that believe that I CAN DO THIS and allowing that to be fuel and motivation for me? I HAVE BEEN EATING, SLEEPING AND BREATHING MY BOOK! I HAVE BEEN WRITING MY BOOK!!!

For those that know how I can get, YES, I am in project mode right now and so I am a bit OBSESSED with completing this task that I have begun. In many ways it is my gift to myself this year. Gene is very supportive and always encouraging me to WRITE THE BOOK. My guys are, too. They seem to have no doubts about my ability to write the book and, amazingly, they think I’m pretty smart. That feels good. Their only criteria is that IT BETTER BE GOOD.

Your continued encouragement is invaluable to me. Okay… gotta go now and WRITE MY BOOK!!!

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