This Moment…


I can hardly believe that this day has finally arrived. Emotionally, I have been unattached from all of the Transition and Pre-Inauguration events over the past couple of months, but today is different.

Today, my oldest sons are home from school and we will be watching the events via television all day long. I have, personally, never been so focused on politics or world events so much in my thirty-six years. My hope is that as we gather around to view all of the day’s events, this day will be etched into their hearts and minds for the rest of their lives..

A friend and I are trying to envision ‘hair grease’ and ‘hot combs’ in the White House… Braids and ponytails… Those are the types of things that a couple of decades ago some blacks would have just said, “It’s a BLACK thang… you wouldn’t understand.”

Now, on a level greater than mere hair maintenance, we have the opportunity to live in a time when we have people as leaders who do understand on so many different levels.

Enjoy this experience… I am gonna go do the same.

More thoughts later… when they have put the official seals on the motorcade after President Obama has uttered the words, “So help me God.”

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