An ‘Inside’ Job

I had one of THOSE dreams again…

You know, the kind where you are jarred out of your sleep and the moment you wake up you realize that you have been confronted with something that, if it were true, you would really have no choice but to deal with it. It’s the kind where you wake up saying, “Oh God… PLEASE don’t let anything like that happen to me…” and you make a decision to eat right and treat the ones you love right and budget your money right and make the most of each day… And, like a New Year’s resolution we set out to love those we deem unlovable… we start exercising like crazy… we set new goals to achieve and decide that, this time we are gonna kick that bad habit … for real.

As I sit on the side of my bed and type this, I am motivated to, once again, commit to do what’s right in so many areas of my life. Why?
Because I want to LIVE!
And not only do I want to LIVE, I want to LOVE!
And not only do I want to LIVE and LOVE, but I want to be HEALTHY!
And not only do I want to LIVE and LOVE and be HEALTHY, I want to be SUCCESSFUL at the things that I have been put on earth to do!

That’s a tall order isn’t? At least I know that it’s possible. God desires me to PROSPER and be HEALTHY as my heart and mind, my soul, get HEALTHY and PROSPER. (3 John 1:2) Wow… another one of those ‘inside out’ things again… My outside life reflects my ‘inner’ sides. So if I want to see change on the outside then it’s an ‘inside job’.

My LIFE and LOVE and HEALTH and SUCCESS will be determined less by decisions I make while under emotional direst, as my heart pounds and adrenaline pumps through my body. Those decisions are often temporary and sometimes regrettable. We change from the inside out. As our minds change about why we are living and our perspectives change about how we are living – WE CHANGE the way we are living and our lives CHANGE… but it’s an INSIDE job. No one else can make it happen for you but you. It happens one decision at a time.

And on that note, I’m gonna stop typing and get off the side of my bed… I feel my shoulders tensing up from looking down at the screen for so long and I have been told by my PT that this neck position is not gonna keep my spine healthy… and of course, I want a SEXY SPINE, too! Oh well, then I guess I better go do my YahwehYoga, too…

Dang it!

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