You know, I always knew that there would a price to pay for anything that I really want to accomplish in life. I was prepared to deal with the sweat equity that would be required in order to see a dream or goal manifest and become a reality. What I had not considered was the other costs involved. I did not quite know how to express it until I read an article the other day by John C. Maxwell where he described it as ‘the trade off.’

There is a price or a trade off involved in order to receive anything new into your life, and often it will require you to sacrifice something important to you. Only you can decide whether the cost is something you are willing to do without. Only you can decide if you are willing to give up something you cherish to attain a greater prize. Remember, some things (ie. relationships) are irreplaceable.

Ask yourself this…

Is what you are pursuing worth what you are willing to give up? Is it a fair trade?

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