Prepare Them to Leave the Nest

30904_398845932667_2269059_n-1About four years ago I had an epiphany about my role in my sons’ lives by watching a nest of baby robins outside my sons’ window. I watched the mom and dad build the nest, I saw the little blue eggs, I watched them hatch one by one, and I watched the little fuzzy birds leave the nest… one by one. Each time one flopped away, my son Andreu, would yell through the house, “Mom, Eugene/Imani… left the nest!” I got the message that was coming to me loud and clear: I was to work with Gene to prepare my sons to LEAVE our nest.

We sent G4 back to New Mexico yesterday… We are super proud of him and how well he did in his first semester of college academically and in his personal growth. He has already told us that he plans to be with his aunts in Alabama so he can work over the summer and earn more money to do things he desires to do, so we may not see him much for the rest of the year. I miss him immensely, but I couldn’t be MORE PROUD to know his mind is set toward figuring out his life and working his plan… It is rewarding to begin to see the fruit of what Eugene and I set out to do.

Mom and G4

While watching the birds that year, I actually saw one of the parents come to the rescue of one of the birds who was stuck on a tree limb and couldn’t get food… the parent brought the bird a worm and flew away… I watched the young bird figure out how to get down off the limb… Another lesson for me. I am grateful to know that G4 knows that we “have his back” and we desire more than anyone else to see him succeed.

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