Happy Birthday, Dr. Doula!

dreabdayI have had such a WONDERFUL birthday! THANK YOU for all of your well wishes for my new earth year.

I asked my Source for two things:

  1. to have some confirmation that we are moving in the right direction and
  2. to get some unscheduled time with my husband where we are not brainstorming or planning or figuring anything out… JUST US. (This video is his first installment.)

Gene and I have spent more than a quarter of our marriage working on our degrees (me my Ed.D. and him his MBA).

I have spent half of my life growing with him. With him submitting his Capstone Project today, this birthday signifies the beginning of a new season in our marriage and our lives.

I am anxious to figure out who we are now so we can begin 2015 with renewed vision and passion to continue building our legacy. THANK YOU AGAIN! WHOO HOO!!!! I can FEEL the LOVE! 

We wrote this song and others to celebrate our 15th wedding anniversary five years ago on a project we call Lovers’ Rendezvous. You can hear more at  http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/eugene6

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