Kwanzaa Nguzo Saba

nguzo sabaMy oldest mentioned that some regarded Kwanzaa as a “made up” holiday. I reminded him that every holiday had been “made up” and established by a decree of one kind or another.

He mentioned questions about the language (Swahili) not being the language used by those in West Africa where most African Americans ancestors likely originated.

I reminded him of the collectivity historically practiced by people of African descent even though there has never been a single “continental” language spoken by all Africans.

The people on the continent currently speak more than 2,000 languages/dialects. However, Swahili is no longer confined to east and central Africa and, because of immigration and increased global travel and communication, the number of Swahili speaking people continues to increase around the world.

This conversation with him was an example of KUJICHAGULIA and having the autonomy to define/name oneself, while creating and speaking for oneself.

There are no permissions necessary to be innovative and create, as we seek to make meaningful contributions to others’ lives, even when ideas extend beyond broader expectations people may have for you.


One thought on “Kwanzaa Nguzo Saba

  1. This is a beautiful and real share! We must provide the neccesary answers to our future’s questions! SPEAK LIFE, j3❤

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