Kwanza_KujichaguliaHabari Gani?! (What’s the news?)

KUJICHAGULIA (Self-Determination)
-To define ourselves, name ourselves, create for ourselves and speak for ourselves.

THIS IS MY FAVORITE PRINCIPLE!!! It is so empowering to determine for ourselves who we are and how we will project ourselves into the earth! Tonight, we each took an opportunity to “speak for ourselves” by “defining ourselves” from youngest to oldest.

Omari Malik (God the Highest, King): I am good, nice, an artist, fast, observant (ASHE)

Andreu Noa (Warrior, Freedom in Movement): I am a problem solver, creative, smart, athletic, adaptive to new things, able to move on very quickly from negative things… I am what I say I am (ASHE)

Imani Joseph (Faith, God adds/gives increase): I am a problem solver, hard working, talented with music, good at working with my hands (ASHE)

Eugene IV (Well born): I am artistic, talented, (have) rhythm, a hard worker, not afraid to try new things, adaptive, diligent (ASHE)

Andrea (Kwezi) – “one who brings forth the dawn”): I am a warrior at heart, innovative, perceptive, loved, an exhorter, a critical thinker, a questioner of the status quo… (ASHE)

Eugene III (Lungelo – “all that is good continually”): I am (he began by reciting his lineage to our sons), a father, a husband, a provider, here to establish ourselves and our legacy, an artist, a musician, a coach, an author, a motivational speaker (ASHE)

Honored ancestor: Thelma Isbell, for being an entrepreneur who used her business ventures to help establish an identity and self-empowerment for her daughters and grandchildren.
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