Habari Gani?! UJAMAA!

Kwanzaa_UjamaaHabari Gani?! (What’s the news?)

UJAMAA (Cooperative Economics)
– To build and maintain our own stores, shops and other businesses and to profit from them together.

Our discussion about UJAMAA has been the most rewarding thus far and lasted for almost 2 hours. Much of our conversation centered around the importance of understanding that being successful in business requires an understanding of business as well as a willingness to place a value on your products and services. We have always sought to teach our sons the importance of having an entrepreneurial spirit and tried to live it by example. We talked about the importance of working with people who are also willing to acknowledge your value by supporting the profitability of your business in a way that allows you to support your family and continue your work in excellence.

Honored ancestor: Carrie Early Little, for her faithfulness to serve her family and work in menial tasks for minimal wages so that her descendants could have a legacy based on an example of hard work and diligence; and so that we can apply those work ethics to our entrepreneurial efforts.
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