What is your Doula Perspective… in JAPANESE!

Do you remember the Doula Perspectives Survey? It was an opportunity to answer the question – What is Your Doula Perspective? I was overwhelmed by the responses from doulas of all ages, experience, expertise, and opinions. There were so many responses! I was even more excited when a fellow researcher reached out to me from Tokyo, Japan to inquire about translating the Doula Perspectives Matrix into Japanese and present it through her work.


Her name is Rieko Kishi Fukuzawa, Ph.D. and she is a nurse-midwife and assistant professor at University of Tokyo. She has been presenting information about doulas through Doula Laboratory in Child Research Net, a web-based research institution, in the Japanese language for Japanese people. Of the Doula Perspectives, Rieko stated:

“Although doulas are very newly emerging in Japan, I have noticed that there are already very diverse doulas, and people in the society also tend to perceive doulas variously. So your new theory is very interesting, clear, and very helpful.”

Here are two links regarding her work and research and work regarding doulas that may be of interest:

The Doula Movement in Japan: 

Doula Services in Japan:

Doula Venn Diagram  - Gradient (2)What an exciting connection! My desire in presenting the Doula Perspectives was to encourage doulas, prospective doulas and those who might desire doula support to consider the diverse perspectives involved in doula care. As I have stated before, I have encountered few people whose perspectives are confined to boxes. I have noticed that most doulas overlap perspectives based on various personal beliefs and perspectives. That means that doulas are more likely to hold different perspectives than they are to view their doula work in exactly the same way.

If you did not complete the Doula Perspectives Survey in February, PLEASE DO! I am extending the Doula Perspectives Survey until April 30, 2015. I would appreciate you adding your perspective to the responses if you have not already.

THANKS IN ADVANCE! I am looking forward to MORE responses! 🙂

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