#DR2017 Countdown… Let’s Stay Connected!

I know… I know… I have not written a post for such a long time, but as I prepare for birth work in the Dominican Republic I realize IT’S TIME TO RECONNECT! I am writing this post to invite you to travel on this journey with me to the Dominican Republic via this blog. I would love to share my experiences with you and receive feedback from you while I am there. You can FOLLOW THIS BLOG by entering your email in the sidebar.

I will only have WiFi during certain parts of the day because of my volunteer schedule. Of course, when I was in South Africa, I hoped to be able to share more and experienced some issues with connection. The Dominican Republic is also prone to power outages, still I will do my best to keep in touch.

So many things have happened in the interim that I shall surely take time to share in due time. Right now, I have my eyes focused toward birth work I will be embarking upon in the Dominican Republic NEXT WEEK! YIKES! I will be supporting Dominican and Haitian mothers during birth in the DR from July 20 – August 3, 2017. You can learn more about the trip, the work I will be doing, and how you can support my work here.

I have been collecting material and financial donations for the past two months and the response has been OVERWHELMING! People have been SO GENEROUS toward this endeavor. You can see a partial list of the 150+ POUNDS OF MATERIAL DONATIONS that have been collected below.

Please consider making a financial donation toward this work! THANK YOU IN ADVANCE!

This is the latest #DR2017 donations update. I AM ONLY NINE (9) DAYS AWAY FROM DEPARTURE! WHOO HOO!!! LOOK WHAT YOU DID.png

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