Encouragement for the Journey

There are SEVEN DAYS left before my trip to do birth work in Hispaniola and I am really feeling… something… Every time I read an encouraging message in my inbox or email from someone, I take a moment to take it in. 

I cannot express how much it means when people send these short messages. It means A LOT that people get my passion for this work. I am sharing some of the messages below. I would love an admonition from you as well if there is something you would like to share. It is one way that I will be able to take you with me. ♥

“May God bless you for helping others and your borders expand and overflow… May God pour back into you double as you poured into the women of the universe. Blessings” ~V.T.

“Soror Mason, I am so very proud of the work you are doing. To you and all your travelling partners, be safe, be well and be blessed… do what you do to improve the lives and health of unborn babies and impact new moms in countries where healthcare is not a premium” ~L.G.

“With this donation, we will be right alongside you. Doing the Lord’s work for those He loves so dearly… Praying God’s blessings and protection over you. Love you much. M.P.

“Soror~ You are a blessing…..” ~J.A.K.

“Do good work! xox” ~B.B.

“I appreciate and honor you and your work!  I’d love to hear how your trip goes… Safe travels and I hope the donations just roll in!” ~N.S.

“Safe travels, Soror!” ~Y.M.

“Continue doing the Lord’s work.” K.G.

“I pray that your trip is awesome!” N.P.

“I pray that you have a safe and productive trip and I look forward to seeing some of your video reports when you come back.” ~ M.C.

“Continue to walk in your calling and passion!! Love u Sistar!!!!” S.M.

“I am so grateful for you and the value and care that you bring to our women during their most powerful and vulnerable time. Birthwork is high magic and a gift that is bestowed, not selected. I love you and support you fully.” ~N.K.


Some have expressed a desire to contribute later in the month while I am already serving. That works!
The link will still be available here –>  http://www.drdoula.com/dr2017-donation1.html

Thank you I advance for you support. I will be blogging about my experience while I am away, so FOLLOW MY BLOG to be notified of updates!


Peace, blessings, love and light for your path…

Dr. Doula

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