Birthing Better Childbirth Preparation

DrDoula_BirthingBetterBirthing Better Childbirth Preparation is the only is the only childbirth preparation course that I endorse because of its focus on the acquisition of skills as the way to increase the resourcefulness of the birthing mother and improve her birthing experience. African American women historically have a tradition of being resourceful, self-reliant and resilient. This course serves as a reminder of the “common knowledge” that we share as humanity and can serve as a guide for African American women seeking to reclaim their birth rites and empower themselves during birth.

I spent 6 months connecting with Wintergreen, the compiler of Birthing Better skills, several times a week in New Zealand via video conference calls. As one who had been a body worker for many years, I appreciated her focus on simplifying birth skills so that it could be understood by everyone. The excerpt below provides additional thoughts about Birthing Better:

The Birthing Better Childbirth Preparation Online Course is a childbirth preparation and management method for all pregnancies and every type of birth. Wintergreen, Director of Common Knowledge Trust, and hundreds of ethnically diverse families developed these skills over 15 years. These skills have been used by families of different ethnicities in more than 20 countries on six continents.

Birth skills help mothers “birth better” with greater body awareness as they work with their support people to birth their babies. “After learning the Better Skills,” said Wintergreen, “women and families are able to work through their babies’ birth journeys no matter where they birth, with whom they birth or what is happening to or around them. Developing birth skills based on our shared human body allows fathers and mothers alike to share a common language within practical and easy to learn skills.”

Birthing Better highlights the roles of fathers, partners and support people in birth. “It would have been great to have these skills when our sons were being born, so that I could have connected with my wife even more,” said Eugene Mason III after reviewing Birthing Better. “We need to help more families learn about these skills.”

Birthing Better was developed by families… for families. It is designed for independent, self-learning and home study, and is also useful with other childbirth resources. “Birth is the beginning of many new relationships in families,” pointed out Dr. Andrea Little Mason. “I am excited to increase women’s and families’ competence and confidence in childbirth through birthing skills. I believe that an educated individual is an empowered individual.”