‘Sitting up’ with the vision…

WOW! Had an event packed weekend! After a few days of Gene and I talking with individuals about talking with individuals about ways to MAKE THE CONNECTION in their relationships… I was EXHAUSTED!

We have been working so diligently to get the word out about our events that I had not realized how little sleep I had gotten over the past few months. From producing Lovers’ Rendezvous to publishing Soil Soul and then updating on our class and workshop curriculums, I have found little time for sleeping… Meaningful, deep sleep that is… I have four sons though, so I am no stranger to sleepless nights.

Sometimes, HC feels like a colicky baby. Fussy and temperamental… Crying for hours at a time… Needing a lot of attention… Keeping the mommy and daddy up all times of the night rocking… bouncing… stroking… E.T.C. just to keep it satiated. But commitment to its success seldom seemed to be rewarded in tangible ways.

This past weekend went a long way to calm the baby down. It kinda felt like the baby had a growth spirt or something. It slept through the night. I could hardly believe it. I rolled over in the middle of the night and… nothing! No wimpering. No whining. No NOTHING! And at the end of a full night’s sleep… I woke up 10 hours later… FULLY RESTED! Whew… sigh…

What I realize is that there are seasons when we are required to deal with situations that are like ‘colicky babies’. The good thing is that usually they are seasons… And by nature, they change. So I am enjoying my season of restoration and replenishment…

Never know when we will need to ‘sit up’ with another aspect of our amazing vision.


One More Thing….

It’s funny…
People always seem to want what they don’t have… never satisfied.
It is one of the plagues of the human condition

I have a wonderful husband, but I would love to have more friends.
Some sistah’s got plenty of friends, but she wants a man.
A bigger house… A nicer car…

But never really satisfied with what we have…
Seldom grateful… we always want more

Bigger mortgage, higher car note
More to keep up and maintain

And, often, one more thing to keep me from doing what I was predestined and purposed to do