Sankofa Wraps


Throughout history in traditional and indigenous cultures around the world, women have used decorative materials to adorn themselves, but they have also served very important functions surrounding birth. Women have used simple fabrics to support the weight of their bellies late into pregnancy, help manage labor, wrap their bellies to re-stabilize their postpartum bodies, and to carry their babies and toddlers with ease as they went throughout the day. 

DrDoula_PinkWrap.pngWith Sankofa Wraps, Dr. Doula celebrates African American women’s continued resourcefulness, innovation, and ability to create simple solutions for complex problems. Sankofa Wraps are made of light weight material to serve multiple purposes  for birth, belly, baby and beyond. While simple in design, they are made to accommodate the diverse of needs of mothers while adding simplicity and adornment to their often complex lives. (The benefits of belly wrapping and wearing your baby are discussed in Dr. Doula’s Virtual Hangout: “10 Things Every African American Women Should Know about Birth”)

Sankofa Wraps are 6 yards long and 15 inches wide. The decorative pouches are made of 100% cotton and the bands are 100% polyester.

They are hand crafted and can be custom designed

$35 + $5 shipping

Made of polyester with a cotton pocket

Measurements of the wrap
Standard size: Length and width

Allow 7 – 14 days for delivery

Custom (longer size, pocket color and wrap color) $55 + $5 shipping

6yd x 15in

See pocket color options below

Wrap color options: Black, Red, Blue, Brown, Pink, Gray, Green