Day 4… It’s My Turn…

My plan was to stay up until 8am GMT +4 (12 midnight my time) when I knew the  Day 4 presentations of the Sacred Postpartum Summit would be posted… My plan was to be the first person to view MY PRESENTATION… Why? Because I have this tendency to read or look at presentations that I give and not remember saying half of the things that come out of my mouth. I wanted to watch it while our side of the world was still asleep.


When I saw my face on the page, I got excited and a little nervous. There have been an amazing array of birth workers from around the globe on Days 1-3. I have enjoyed gleaning from these knowledgeable, capable women.

I clicked on the video  and watched it. Sure enough, there were some statements that I made that may land on different ears in different ways. Anytime a person talks about the appropriation of Black culture and postpartum birth practices in the same presentation, there are bound to be diverse opinions about it… but I stand by every word I spoke.

You can still register for the Sacred Postpartum Summit to enjoy the last three days. And if you are a postpartum birth worker, you will learn so much that can enhance your postpartum knowledge and… It is FREE! Take some time to watch my presentation (along with the others) and let me know what you think in the comments below.