IMG_0550My name is Andrea Little Mason, Ed.D., affectionately known as Dr. Doula. This blog is reflective and addresses various thoughts about my life experiences. My writing is informed by my background – experiences, expertise, exposure, education & environment – as a woman, mother, wife, educator, researcher, scholar, advocate, birth ally and legacy builder.

As an educator for more the than 20 years in public, private and home school settings, I have learned to take a holistic view of education. The value of education is not only determined by the knowledge and information one gains, but also by whether that information translates into behaviors and skills that can purposefully affect how individuals live their lives. From my perspective, the foundation of being a doula is education that informs the mind, transforms the heart, and builds skills in individuals for birth.

I am known as a birth mentor and doula by those physically preparing to birth babies, and also by individuals experiencing the metaphysical birth of a dream or vision in need of support through the consideration of diverse perspectives and ideas.

Birth is “the beginning or coming into existence of something.” I believe that preparation provides an opportunity for individuals to prepare physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually to expand their families, while also leading to personal development and growth.

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  1. I am very interested in learning more about your experience in KZN amongst other things. PLEASE contact me when able at penda99@hotmail.com. From there we can hopefully exchange numbers and talk realtime. Thank you!

    (In the meantime you may (or may not) be interested in our website.)

    Please, Love, and Blessings

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